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Gender Diaries: Elle McKenzie

As the world continues to push against gender constructs, the conversation around how people are identifying themselves is constantly evolving. Each week, Milk.xyz will feature a guest editor writing about their specific relationship with gender and where it intersects with fashion. This week, we feature writer Elle McKenzie

The infamous story my mother loves to tell involves the moment she knew that I was a lesbian. I was five, and no longer complied to the societal norms engaging for a female to wear dainty dresses with a pink ribbon in their hair. To the respect of the millennial era, we as a culture have made strides in the right direction of social consciousness. However, heteronormativity is still the disingenuous hare in this proverbial race of tortoises.

I identify as a female, who just so happens to wear male attire. The idea of conforming to gender specific roles will receive an immediate blockade from me. Actually, I once quit a job because the owner insisted for me to wear heels— why? Simply because I possess a uterus? Because I bleed every month? A distinguished aspect, in my opinion, beautifying the foundation of gender reconstruction in society, is its overall complexity. The acronym has evolved, it’s no longer LGBT, but rather LGBTQIA+. This is important to note as we explore deeper into uncharted territory: be mindful in your sentiment. Though I may consciously overlook the female tab when shopping online, does not mean the core of my being embraces the male pronoun. I am, and will forever desire to be, a female.

There’s a certain radiance of divine liberation when one is able to express their individuality. Speaking from experience, those rays of luminescent glow enriches the mental-garden to flourish. Similar to the Sun, if I may dare compare.

What can be more freeing than being you? It’s a question I urge society to continue pushing against gender constructs in our quest for equality.

Images courtesy of Gianna Leo Flacon

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