Get Lifted With Walter Mercado's Fashion Astrology, Episode 4 + 5

Thought you could forecast the future of fashion? Not like this! It’s time to reach deep into the cosmos. Astrology legend Walter Mercado breaks it down for our MADE designers and other favorites ahead of their FW16 shows. In this video by The Front, relive some Valentine’s Day love. Learn how Hood by Air‘s Shayne Oliver is “vibrating,” why Victoria Beckham has such a strong presence, how Moses Gauntlett Cheng is going through a period of reinvention, and how Namilia will continue to triumph. Mercado’s motto, “Sobre todo, mucho amor,” is perfect for a VDay vid. Much love to all!

In Episode 5, see how Mary-Kate and Ashley combine their two distinct energies into one line, how Jeremy Scott‘s star is set to keep on shining, how Anna K has become a huge success at such a young age, and why Ji Oh is a minimalist. The stars are aligned for our designers!

Check out more fashion astrology in episodes one, two, and three

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