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Get Lit with Jesse Marco x MADE's Spooky Halloween Mix

Have you ever wished that your trap-oriented dance party was just a little more spooky, or that your Halloween party was just a little more down and dirty? Well rest easy because, New York DJ/producer Jesse Marco and MADE have got you covered.

The collaboration has resulted in a megamix that hits both booty-shaking highs and terrifyingly danceable moments from seasonal classics. Ever thought you’d hear a medley of Drake and Future with the theme from The Exorcist? Or Michael Myers’ theme from Halloween mixed into DJ Khaled? We didn’t either, but damn if it doesn’t get us moving.

Enjoy the mix for festivities both chilling and heated up. Just be sure to be safe and not act like an asshole this Halloween.

Jesse Marco x Made present: Halloween 666 NYC mix by Jessemarco on Mixcloud

Stay tuned to Milk for more bangin’ mixes! 

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