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Get Some Halloween Inspo from the Faces of NY Comic Con

If you found yourself sharing a train this past weekend with the Justice League, or a group of rowdy Deadpools, LSD wasn’t slipped into your morning coffee. It was just a few of the 150,000 thousand or so geek culture devotees heading to New York Comic Con. Trailing only the San Diego event in size, NYCC is an overwhelming smorgasbord of comic, movie, TV, video game, toy, and general pop culture fandom. Attendees, many adorned in Hollywood worthy cosplay attire, were treated to yet-to-be-broadcast first episodes of Ash vs The Evil Dead, the eagerly awaited return of The X Files (screening was patrolled by suited security poised to eject sneaky fans from recording), and previews for the next seasons of Daredevil, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Game of Thrones, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Flash.

Video game fans were treated to playable versions of next year’s games, including Street Fighter V. Toy companies set tongues wagging with new lines of collectibles for pretty much everything — Pepsi even gave away those highly sought after Back to the Future 2 replica ‘Pepsi Perfect’ bottles. Comic fans got a preview of art for DC’s in-production Dark Knight III series, the third act in Frank Miller‘s monumental Batman saga, which redefined the comic book concept 30 years ago. It’s rough on the credit card, but it’s four days very well spent.

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