Get Stylishly Stoned with These Princess Vapes

The days of sneaking to the local playground late at night to split your friend’s poorly rolled joint are officially over. Stonerdom has become a sophisticated and nuanced culture that’s not just for the white boys with dreads playing hacky sack in front of a school. With legalization spreading throughout the nation, getting stylishly stoned with an adorable vape is the latest trend – and now it’s easier than ever.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.25.51 PM

Crystal Cult is the brand serving up the cutest, blingiest little vapes. They’re exactly the kind of gadget we’d expect Miley or Madonna to whip out mid performance (maybe even Lana Del Rey lazily puffing on the beach?). The thought of a ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna‘ bedazzled vape actually gives us life. While the ‘vaporizer market’ has been male dominated for the most part (but really, what industry isn’t?), founder Olivia Alexander is saying ‘fuck you,’ to regular old vapes.


And really – who thought they were looking super tough hitting a vape? We love Alexander’s bedazzled designs. With weed becoming such a norm, it’s fascinating to watch the industry grow into something casual, and now something personalized. Whether you’re trying to be a sleek, ‘on-the-go’ type with a Pax, or you want to be blazed up, blinged out babe with your Crystal Cult – stonerdom is here for you. So smoke up, kids; but do it with a little style.

Images via Crystal Cult

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