Backstage at the show, we caught up with Saker about her gold tooth and the clothes she's coveting.



Getting Chummy with Hollie-May Saker at Jeremy Scott [NYFW]

Models and I—to put it simply, we get along. It might not look that way from the outside—this Fashion Week alone, I’ve had four models step on me, one try to use me as a chai, and another one that valiantly attempted to walk right through me—but it is that way. I think.

One girl who would surely agree is British cutie Hollie-May Saker. Walking into the backstage changing area of Jeremy Scott yesterday on four hours of sleep, Saker was the life I needed to continue on. And her gold tooth—not for the show, mind you, but rather a stellar move she made on her own—the light that this dark week has needed. We caught up backstage for a hawt minute.

Are you excited for the show?

Yes, I always am. He’s a good friend of mine so I’m always happy to be here.

Is this gold tooth permanent?

It’s not permanent, it comes out but [I’ve had it] for a while—real gold.

So it’s not for the show? 

No, no. I’ve had it for like four months now.

Is there one look that you’ve worn at a show that you’re dying to keep?

I’m not going to lie, anything Jeremy because I love color and I don’t wear a lot of color, but his stuff always gets me out of my comfort zone. You don’t realize how much you like it until you put it on and you see yourself in it. So usually any Jeremy look. I mean the look I’m wearing today is awesome, so I would walk out in it if I could.

Cool. Are you partying a ton this week?

I will be because I’m not doing Fashion Week fully, so I’m just going to a bunch of parties, yeah.

Photo taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

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