Gird Your Loins: Nicki Minaj Is Making A Sitcom

A lot of things get us emotional here at Milk. A good Comme des Garcon collaboration, for example. A kick ass doll or two. A few well produced mixtapes will almost certainly make us clutch our hearts and proclaim that this is the time to be alive. But when news broke that Nicki Minaj would be executive producing and appearing in a new comedy about her life, we wept real and genuine tears for the first time in our lives. To put it frankly, we have not been truly alive until this very moment.

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The series was recently picked up by ABC Family, the channel known for bringing you sad lesbian moms and sad teen moms. But while Nicki is everyone’s favorite mom, this promises to be something a little more upbeat. It’s the long overdue tale of Queens, New York, a vibrant West Indian family, and according the Deadline, “the personal and musical evolution that led to [Nicki’s] eventual rise to freedom.”

Minaj was born in Trinidad but later immigrated with her family to New York, where she attended LaGuardia High School. Yes, LaGuardia, also known as the school behind Fame and the entirety of Al Pacino’s career. The show looks to be one part Fresh Off the Boat, one part Fresh Prince, and two parts The Bernie Mac Showwhich shares a producer with Nicki’s upcoming program.

There’s no word yet on which actors have been tapped to join the show. Even Nicki wants to know who’s ready to play baby Onika. We’re already working on our fancast.

Images via Tumblr, Giphy, Youtube, and Metro UK

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