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Girls Just Want To Have Fun: 5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and you know what that means! But wait… what does it mean? Originally called International Working Women’s Day, it was first observed sometime around 1910 as a Socialist political event, as a day to appreciate the accomplishments of working women, and particularly those in socialist and communist countries. But how do you celebrate International Women’s Day today? By going around with a megaphone and a picket sign, raising awareness for… women? We gave it a good think, and since “smashing the patriarchy” is a little easier said than done, we came up with a list of the best possible ways to actually spend the day.

Treat yourself, and the women in your life

If you’re a woman, today is about you and your sisters. Have a girls’ night out (or in). Surround yourself with good vibes, yummy food and smart conversation. Do whatever makes you feel empowered. If you’re a man, spend today celebrating and thanking the women you love. Give your mother a call. Do favors for your coworkers. Be a good person, but remember that thoughtfulness isn’t restricted to just one day of the year.

Luxurious living is unisex.


There are countless charities out there worthy of our attention and cash, so you can’t really go wrong. You can donate to causes that help acid attack survivors or sex trafficking victims, causes that ensure educational opportunities for girls all over the world—the list is practically endless. Or, if you blew all your money treating yourself, you can send a message to your local politician saying that you stand with Planned Parenthood. They’ve even already written the message for your—all you have to do is type in your info and click send.

How can you resist these smiles??

Call out your catcallers

One aggressively sleepy remark from a slime bag on the street could sour your whole day. You shouldn’t let it, though, and certainly not today. Let the creep know exactly how gross they’re being by telling them, or saying something to make them feel uncomfortable. And if you’d rather not waste your breath, you can print out these “Cards Against Harassment” and hand them to your catcaller. They’ll get the message. Hopefully.

Tell it like it is.

Celebrate all women

If you’re a trans woman in NYC, things just became a bit easier for you! Thanks to a law passed yesterday by NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, transgender people can now use the bathroom of whichever gender they identify with, regardless of biological sex. Today is also a great opportunity to celebrate the progress made in the past year by the trans movement in general. There are lots of ways to do this too, from binging Transparent to educating yourself on some of the movement’s history.

History in the making.
History in the making.

Post a nude selfie

But don’t berate other women for how they display their bodies, and don’t pay attention to others who try to do the same to you. Today is about inclusion and empowerment, not picking petty Twitter fights (although the fights were indeed glorious. Kim, you a savage).

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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Stay tuned to Milk for celebrations of women, every day.

Illustration by Kathryn Chadason

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