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Go Behind The Scenes of Jesse Jo Stark's Tour With This Photo Diary

Jesse Jo Stark is having a moment: after touring the southwest with cult favorite Sunflower Bean, she’s finally released her debut EP, Dandelion. It’s everything you’d like in a first release, and then some; with rock n roll sensibilities being the perfect companion to Stark’s haunting vocals, Dandelion draws us in and leaves us wanting more. This is Stark’s statement, and we hope to hell that she’ll make the trip up north for some more live shows that are a bit closer to home (hint, hint, NYC is calling).

In the mean time, we got our hands on some exclusive snaps from the musician’s trip down south. Ending on the west coast in southern California, the mood is just as grungy and dusty as you’d expect for a trip through the cactus-ridden desert.

“This past week with Sunflower Bean has been one big dream. The Poppys (my band) and I have gotten to play all the new tunes I released last week along with a few tracks that are comin up in September and I’ve loved watchin all the kids, parents, and grannies dance to them. This EP holds a lot of meanin to me. ‘Dandelion’ tears my heart open every time we play it. I’m so excited to hear how these new tunes make everyone feel.”

Check the Polaroids above, and make sure to take a listen to the new Dandelion record.

Images courtesy of Jesse Jo Stark

Stay tuned to Milk for more photo diaries.

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