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Go Green With M.I.A. And H&M For World Recycle Week

Just in time for Earth Day—Swedish fashion powerhouse H&M is all about their latest eco-initiative, World Recycle Week, and they’ve enlisted none other than M.I.A. to sound the alarm. Starting April 18th, H&M stores all over the world will be accepting donations of old clothes, which will then be recycled into new textile fibers for clothing production.

To raise awareness, M.I.A. will release a brand new song and video, highlighting the havoc wrought by clothes going to landfills. Obviously, there is no better artist for the job than M.I.A., whose politically-charged music and videos are notorious for making people everywhere want to get freaky and start a revolution at the same time.

Live slow, go green, bad girls do it well.

H&M has actually been pretty environmentally conscious for a while. They’ve been interested in environmental sustainability since the nineties, and their first “Conscious” line of clothing made of recycled polyester and organic cotton was released in 2011. Their garment collecting initiative actually started in 2013, and their use of recycled material in their products has only increased in the past few years. Think of World Recycle Week as just a boost for their ongoing campaign, reminding consumers that yes, we still need to be recycling. Plus, there’s a bonus—people who bring their clothes in will be given coupons to use in-store. Win-win, right? Well, maybe.

Saving the planet, one romper at a time.

However noble the brand’s intentions to make the fashion industry a “closed loop,” we should remember that H&M is not exactly a poster child for ethical practices. Still one of the biggest names in fast fashion, they rely on cheap and unethical labor to quickly churn out season after season of inexpensive clothing. So while you may be supporting eco-friendly production by shopping there, you’re also supporting a company whose clothing is made by people who are payed little to nothing and work under life-threatening conditions.

Fast fashion has a face.
Fast fashion has a face.

But while they may still be doing some things wrong, at least H&M is doing something good, which is more than can be said for most fast fashion brands. You can’t go wrong with recycling, or with M.I.A., for that matter. The music video will drop April 11th on the brand’s website.

Images via H&M and Cosmopolitan.

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