Go See David Hasselhoff as a DJ in a 'H-Off' Broadway Show

If you’re not already excited from the title of this article alone, then you have no appreciation for silk shirts, hairy chests, and glorious Baywatch nostalgia. Shame on you. For those of you that are as excited as we are about about the ‘H-off’ Broadway show, David Hasselhoff’s new production Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is real, and happening, and you can go see it. (Plus, that Sons of Trump play skewering the GOP candidate for literally everything that’s wrong with him in Mexico is completely sold out :/)

According to the show’s site, the Hoff “plays Ross, a hilarious hedonist. He’s Ibiza’s top 80’s DJ who doesn’t realize a new decade has dawned, disco is out, a new club scene is in.” So, he’s playing himself. In the show, ‘Ross’ has to deal with his amazing DJ life, his wild and estranged daughter coming back into his life, and doing bad E, and also drops a Baywatch medley. If none of that is enough for you, please watch this video of the Hoff at an Ibiza poolside, holding a parrot, and promoting the show.

The show is traveling around the UK until February, so hop across the pond to this masterpiece of theater that will absolutely leave you hooked on a feeling.  

Pick up your tickets for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life here.

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