"I always want to make sure collaborations are organic and not forced."



Goody Grace Talks "April", A$AP Ant, & His Upcoming Debut EP

Chances are, you’ve heard Goody Grace’s smooth, melodic lyricism on tracks featuring the likes of A$AP Ant or gnash (that’s “Memorie$” and “Two Shots”, respectively; both dropped last year to rave reviews) but star-studded singles aren’t all this artist is good for; on the contrary, the fact that Grace is poised for R&B-tinged pop greatness is due in full to his own singular, wholly original sound. It’s one that he’s been honing for quite a while, and with a debut EP just about ready drop, we’re on the edge of our seat with anticipation for what’s to come.

Grace has given us plenty to play with while we wait: with seven total singles on Spotify, each of them giving us a taste of what the artist has to offer, it should come as no surprise that this EP has a lot resting on its release. But Grace shrugs the pressure off with ease; he’s simply excited for it to finally drop. We can’t disagree. Peep the new “April” single below, then keep scrolling for our full interview with this budding artist.

Congrats on releasing the “April” single. What has the reception been like so far?

Thanks! The reception has been amazing. I’m happy people are liking the new upbeat style the song has that my previous releases didn’t. I plan to keep combining different sounds and creating my own styles.

You’ve also got an EP coming up soon: Her Name Was April. Is it ready to go? How are you feeling? Nervous or just stoked?

I’m very excited. I’m not sure if that is going to be the title anymore, that was just a working title. We’ll see. I just like to have direction and purpose and then see how everything feels and fits together once it’s all complete. I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It’s almost ready.

Is there a narrative for the EP or is it more of a compilation?

There is definitely a narrative to everything I make, and I especially wanted to present one in my first project. People will have to wait and hear it for themselves.

Prior to “April” you dropped some killer singles—I’m thinking specifically of the tracks with A$AP Ant and gnash. What is it like working with those guys?

Working with gnash is always great, we’ve collaborated quite a few times now. As for the song with Jesse Rutherford and A$AP Ant, that was super cool to make because I wanted to blend two styles of my favourite music on one song. I always want to make sure collaborations are organic and not forced. Every collab I have out thus far is with a close friend of mine.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from just everyday life and observations on the world and people. The gap between growing up in a small town in the middle of Canada to then moving to Los Angeles and traveling so much has given me lots to think & write about. I’m a big fan of movies and televisions series as well. David Lynch, Richard Linklater.. stuff like that.

I know you’re currently on tour and also playing some big festivals this summer. Tell us about that. What’s it like to play to an audience versus the intimacy of a studio setting?

I love playing shows of all sizes for all kinds of people. I’ve now done a tour totally acoustic, followed by a tour with my band backing me, and I love both sides. I’m excited for the festivals as they’re the first I’ve ever been booked for.

What’s in the pipeline for you besides the EP and tour?

I’m excited to continue making more music and merch as well as keep touring and for new people to find out everything I’m creating. I plan for it all to only get bigger & better.

Featured image courtesy of Goody Grace

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