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Gorillaz' Jamie Hewlett Reveals First Ever Art Exhibit

Cartoonist Jamie Hewlett has officially entered the world of fine art. The artist behind the world’s most famous virtual band is being featured in a gallery near you—if you live near London’s Saatchi Gallery anyway. That’s where The Suggestionists will be from November 18th to December 2nd, thus making the rest of the world look seriously uncool by comparison.

But don’t think for an instance that Hewlett’s gone through “the change.” The show is a three part experience that is every bit as mischievous and daring as the cartoonist himself. The first part, called “Tarot,” features large scale “tarotica” dripping with psychedelic hues and pupil-less beasts. “El Diable”  alone looks ready to either drag you to hell or into bed. Honestly we’d be down for either.

Next comes “Honey,” which is all about honoring classic sleaze. Inspired by the exploitation films of the 60’s and 70’s, the exhibit follows fictional character Honey’s trek through the world of B movie grime and glamour. Fake vintage movie posters feature such classy directors as Terry Southern and Russ Meyer.

The last piece, “Pine,” is about trees (duh). Hewlett was influenced by the forests of southern France to create extremely intricate drawings. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen from Hewlett before, but then again, this is the same guy who only a few years ago helped produce an opera about fighting monkeys that thoroughly pissed off Alan Moore. We’ve learned by now to expect the unexpected.

Here are just a few of the works being featured, whose prints are also available here. While we’re still wondering where that latest Gorillaz album is, what Noodle doing right now, and if Tank Girl is thinking about us, we’re at least happy to see Hewlett bring his anarchic, psychedelic, ever pupil-less creations to new heights.

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