Warning: this one's slightly fishy.



Trend Alert: Grandma Fills Louis Vuitton Tote With Fish

Something is really fishy about this Louis Vuitton tote. In a really odd game of “What’s In My Bag,” nameless Taiwanese grandmother has one-upped just about every damn fashion influencer on YouTube. Social media is buzzing about the groceries and fresh fish (ahhh!) that a grandma is lugging around in her $1,100 Louis Vuitton Never-full. A user on “Dcard”, Taiwan’s largest anonymous social network and forum, has revealed that he had gifted his grandma the classic piece as a replacement to the saggy, old handbag she was using prior. Despite now having a newly gifted symbol of status hanging off her shoulder, the Taiwanese fashion rebel maintained her modest, market-going ways and with each wet, scaly critter tossed into her thousand-dollar bag, it is said that a tear streamed down the cheek of the leather artisan who hand-stitched the purse. Made in France. Destroyed in Taiwan. Some may have found it more sensible to use the old, worn out bag on her market excursions, but can one really criticize her commitment to glam? Anon-grandma reasonably claimed that the bag’s waterproof nature made it really great for holding fish. So in that respect, it’d be foolish of us to think that Louis Vuitton coats their covetable, monogrammed canvas for any other reason! Might we remind you that the highly esteemed French brand’s history is rooted within efficiency and travel? So really, her odd, yet seemingly trailblazing use of the luxury piece is just a bid of loyalty to the true pillars of what Louis Vuitton stands for.

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton and BBC News 

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