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Grindr Hooks Up With J.W. Anderson to Livestream Runway Show

Fashion’s next big event will be situated next to BearDaddy69’s headless torso and MascOnly’s blurry mirror photo. Seriously. In one of the strangest sex app developments ever, the OG bump-and-grind-and-leave app Grindr has pulled a 180. It’s doing something that has to do with putting clothes on rather than taking them off—all in the name of fashion. On January 10th, Grindr will exclusively livestream J.W. Anderson’s London Collections: Men show to its seven million international users. I’ll repeat that for those just waking up or saying goodbye to their latest trade: The British Fashion Awards’ Designer of the Year and our Best Dressed award winner is going to livestream his runway collection—on a gay hookup app.

If that seems as shocking as the unsolicited dick pics you received from SpankLover4 last night, here’s some insight into how the strangest collab since Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. A little over a month ago, the fashion firm PR Consulting teamed up with Grindr to manage all of its public relations. That news was strange enough, given that PR Consulting’s usual clients are more Rick Owens and Versace than Scruff and Jack’d — but there is a link between gay men and fashion. We like to look just as good with our clothes on as we do with them lying on the floor. This was the very first app the firm had ever represented and now, only a month later, the dangling fruits of their labor have surfaced alongside one of the biggest designers of the year—and one of the firm’s other clients. Anderson is all for it, which is no surprise given, that he’s become synonymous with fashion’s push for gender neutrality.

From inappropriately sexual advances to runway struts in one swift move. Welcome to fashion, Grindr.
From inappropriately sexual advances to runway struts in one swift move. Welcome to fashion, Grindr.

“I think fashion is a sexy platform as well, ultimately,” he told the New York Times. “We’re all humans, so we all have to be somewhat sexually attractive to someone. That’s the name of the game, with clothing.”

Don’t worry about the app losing connection during the livestream (like they lose your messages). On the day of the show, users will receive a code to stream the video on phone and tablet browsers. Fire up your Grindr, stay for the runway, and don’t come for the… well, you get it.

Stay tuned to Milk for more sex apps and fashion.

Images via Pierre Loubaton, Gio Staiano, Grindr, and Imaxtree. 

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