All hail Gucci. The brand just launched a new service that gives their customers the option to personalize the now classic (and stunning) Dionysus bag.



Gucci DIY Lets You Customize Your Next Purchase

Investing in an expensive bag is already a tough decision, and knowing that tens of thousands of people have the same one can make it even more difficult. Thankfully, however, Gucci is making sure that you’ll never have to own the the same exact bag as someone else ever again—well, that is, the same exact Italian luxury bag.

To celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele just launched a project that aims to make customers feel as unique as a rare vintage find. Gucci DIY gives customers the option to personalize the brand’s now classic Dionysus bag—that basic-in-the-best-way-possible structured purse with chain strap and tiger head spur closure, and often coated in Gucci’s signature logo. The bag already comes in myriad styles, the majority of which take the aforementioned model and slap different ethereal and colorful patches onto it. But with Gucci’s new DIY project, customers have the luxury of choosing the patches, trimmings, hardware, and monogram initials that will adorn their bag.

The Gucci DIY section of the store in Milan, via Wonderland.
The Gucci DIY section of the store in Milan.

As of now, the service is only available in Milan at the flagship store, but will soon be available in other fashion-minded cities around the world. So too will the DIY offer expand into Gucci’s Ace sneakers, Princetown shoes, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, and men’s made-to-order.

Of the project, Michele said that “the process of customization is both a personal statement and a way in which a customer can become a co-designer with Gucci’s Creative Director.”

Gucci DIY purse, via Amica (Italian website)
This DIY-ed Gucci purse could be yours (but you playin’).

There’s no indication of how much a customized bag will cost, but considering the Dionysus bag itself costs around $2.5K on its own, we’re guessing it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Then again, if working alongside Michele as a “co-designer” and bringing back ’90s style patches is all included—you can count us in.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Gucci goodness. 

Images via Wonderland and Amica.

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