Gucci Ace sneakers are being customized by different artists, such as in this image by Lucia Meseguer.



Gucci Enlisted The Coolest Creatives To Snapchat Their Kicks

If you aren’t following Gucci on Snapchat, now’s the time to start. Since January 2015, when Alessandro Michele took over as creative director, the ultra-luxe brand has been evolving, looking simultaneously toward the future and the past to create a vintage-yet-modern brand. Aesthetically, Michele’s Gucci is embellished and over-the-top—think an eccentric great aunt who collects both vintage rings and taxidermied birds—but more practically, the brand is engaging in groundbreaking, millennial-centric strategies.

Most recently, the brand has teamed up with artists around the world—including Korean longboarder Hyo Joo and filmmaker Adam Csoka Keller for its #24HourAce video series celebrating Gucci’s iconic Ace sneaker. Gucci’s latest move incorporates everything today’s consumers respond to: social media; cool, artsy young creatives, and an ability to customize literally anything to suit your own tastes.

Steffen Grap and Karo Rose
Gucci in space, by Steffen Grap and Karo Rose.

Each artist was sent a pair of Aces—a blank canvas, if you will—to customize and show off in a 60-second video, all of which have been posted on the brand’s Instagram. And today only, each of the artists gets to take over Gucci’s Snapchat for an hour to flaunt their—and their shoes’—adventures.

If you aren’t following Gucci’s Snap story, you should be.

Shortly after Michele took over as creative director, Gucci’s CEO and President Marco Bizzarri told WWD that he and Michele were “fully aligned on this new contemporary vision needed by the brand.” Michele may be Gucci’s creative director, but clearly his and Bizzarri’s vision for the brand allows anyone—even us laymen—a bit of creative control over their designer purchases.

This isn’t the first time Michele-helmed Gucci has dabbled in customization: this May, in honor of the brand’s 40th anniversary, Gucci announced a new DIY project allowing customers to customize Gucci’s classic Dionysus bag with patches and other embellishments.

In the words of Gucci, head to Snapchat to follow in these artists’ footsteps. Not in the market for Gucci? You can always create your own DIY Gucci, modeled after the DIY-inspired brand. And for more Snapchat/Gucci-esque goodies, check out our friends at MADE (the handle is MADEOFFICIAL)—they’ve been taken over by the Gucci Gang, a group of upsettingly cool Parisian teens.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Gucci, always. 

Images courtesy Gucci.

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