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Gypsy Sport: The New York From Another Dimension

It’s fair to say that not a single person in the room for MADE Fashion Week was ready for the colossal outpouring of realness that was served at Gypsy Sport SS16. The runway transported us into an uptown, underground vogue hall, where the models were B-Boy breaking and voguing down the aisles. The room was filled with wild applause, snaps, and cries of ‘WEEERK!’ pealing around us for the entirety of the show.

The clothes on the other hand, transported us to a New York of an alternate dimension. Designer Rio Uribe warped everything familiar about our city to his singular vision; the iconic I HEART NY logo was replaced with his own insignia, and this print appeared on everything from billowy satin pantaloons to net like tank tops. Quilted patterns of Chinese silk on baggy sweatpants and enveloping skirts had us thinking of both Chinatown grandmas and South Bronx gangsters, and the basketball net bags filled with fruit seemed like an accessory that will take Bushwick by storm.

But what made Gypsy Sport such a standout show was the way in which Uribe’s clothes were worn. It’s one thing to wear a three-tiered ruffle skirt, but a three-tiered ruffle skirt really sells if you’re flapping a fan and marching pristinely like the actual Queen of France. The models were a wonder; with a casting that included everyone from a woman nine months pregnant to bearded drag queens, the show became as eclectic and diverse as both Uribe’s ultra avant-garde ensembles and the city that inspired them.

We chatted with Rio backstage to get the details behind his stunning MADE FW debut:

Tell me about some of the things that were running through your head when you were designing this collection.

I was thinking a lot about New York City. About it’s multiculturalism, about it’s diversity, about it’s adversity. And just like…fashion.

Was there anything on your mood board that might be surprising?

I redesigned the classic I HEART NY logo by Milton Glaser, and that was my basic starting point. I wanted to reinterpret what New York is to me. And from that point on it became a modge-podge of stuff. I really wanted to make that idea of the ‘melting pot’ start on my mood board in my images and inspirations.

What inspired your logo?

The logo’s composed of two baseball hats, because I actually started as a hat designer. Once that brand took off into other parts of the clothing it began to resemble a planet or a world. And I’m fine with that, but the foundation of it is two baseball hats.

You had such a wide spread of models, how did you decide on the casting?

The models were a very, very, very key part of this entire show. Again, I wanted to show New York City and how different it can be and how different everything is. So we had weeks and weeks of casting. And most of it was street casting, we only had about 25% contracted models, the rest is all friends and people from the street. We literally went up to people and said ‘Hey, I’m having a casting downtown, do you wanna come?’ I didn’t want to leave a single stone unturned!

GYPSY SPORT VFX BEAUTY – MADE Fashion Week | Facebook

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Photography by Mitchell McLennanAndy Boyle, and Christine Hahn.

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