'Hamilton' and Donald Trump, The Combo You Never Knew You Needed

The smash Broadway musical Hamilton is a bonafide phenomenon. The cast has performed at the Grammy’s, Beyoncé is a fan, and President Obama even invited composer Lin-Manuel Miranda to freestyle at the White House. Tickets, accordingly, cost approximately one billion dollars, and, as a #blessed attendee of the show, I can firmly confirm that they are worth it. But the soundtrack is accessible to all, and the Internet has united around this actual work of genius. So in another genius move, sketch comedy group Rad Motel decided to combine the beloved show with The Most Hated Man Online™: Donald Trump.

In the video above, “Hamiltrump,” Rad Motel takes on the Hamilton opening number, “Alexander Hamilton,” switching out the founding father for Trump. The video, produced and directed by El Triunfo, a multidisciplinary creative studio in NYC, is rife with hilariously specific references, including a supporter dressed as Trump’s fabled border wall (a thing that actually happened), and allusions to his semi-incestuous relationship with his daughter Ivanka (again, a concept firmly rooted in reality). On top of being a genuinely fantastic parody, “Hamiltrump” puts Trump squarely in the middle of a show he’d likely hate; Hamilton largely features actors of color portraying white characters, putting a beautiful spin on the story of the Revolutionary War with a message that Americans can be anyone, from anywhere. That is not exactly Trump’s thing.

The man is a fan of white supremacy.
The man is a fan of white supremacy.

Milk’s own social media director Emily Spinner is a member of Rad Motel, and she can be seen belting away in the video above, along with writer Max Godnick and fellow group members Adam Weinrib, Jack Usher, and Michael Goodman, who plays the Donald himself. The five came up together as members of Out of Bounds, Brown University’s beloved sketch troupe, which counted John Krasinski as a member. They filmed the video just this past weekend, working quickly to get it out for the primaries. Fun Trump-related fact: while scouting for locations, Godnick reached out to his middle school, Columbia Grammar & Prep on the Upper West Side. They said no. Trump’s son Barron is a fourth-grader there. Motherfucking Donald Trump.

I asked Spinner what she thought Trump would say about the video. “Hmmm,” she said. “I think Trump would say, ‘I think these people are losers, this doesn’t matter to me. They’re nothing, they’re nothing, I’m gonna win win win.'”

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