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HBD Edward Scissorhands! Celebrating W/ 5 Odd Facts About The Film

Twenty-five years ago, on this day (December 7th), Tim Burton and screenwriter Caroline Thompson did some cinematic lovemaking, bringing us the treasure that is Edward Scissorhands. The dark romantic story meets gothic fairy tale was the first collab between Burton and Johnny Depp. It is  the beginning of a working partnership that would lead to gorgeous depictions of eccentric failed directors, eccentric candy makers, and eccentric singing serial killers. Edward Scissorhands also starred nineties goddess Winona Ryder, and was filmed while she and Depp were dating. Could they have known at the time that their love was the love that would launch a thousand Tumblrs?

The film was praised from the get-go, and continues to rally love, admiration, and endless Halloween costumes. A quarter century after its release, the scissor vibes are still strong, and the film continues to influence cinema and hair stylists alike. To show this brilliant, odd film a little love, here are five odd facts to commemorate 25 years of design inspiration, dangerous hair cuts, and falling in love in the snow.  And, please don’t forget about Dianne Wiest, who played Ryder’s mother. She is a goddamn cinematic treasure and she is not respected enough.

Buckle up!

Thompson has the hots for mimes.

Growing up, the film’s screenwriter had the hots for the token high school mime (because every high school has one), and ended up dating the silent stud. People from Thompson’s hometown whispered that the movie was about him, but Thompson denied the claim (all while blushing just a little). Despite the false claim, hometown friends and neighbors should probably watch their mouths. The film may not be about a high school sweetheart, but the its gaudy makeup-smeared women are definitely based on Thomson’s own neighbors.

just your typical suburban mom
Just your typical suburban mom

Edward is actually a border collie mix.

The film isn’t about Thompson’s pantomime lover, because it’s actually about her dog. Said dog didn’t have metal hands or thrash water beds with his teeth, but the pleading presence and eagerness to be involved in social situations was a feeling Thompson tried to bring to life in Edward. For Thompson, writing about animals was an outlet to talk about isolation, feelings of not belonging, and the general angst she and Burton both felt in adolescence.

But can a dog cut your hair?
But can a dog cut your hair?

Tim Burton found more than pennies in the sofa cushions.

Apparently, Edward’s crazy-complex suit wasn’t all that complex. It took exhaust craft from costume designer Colleen Atwood, but the materials were actually pretty simple: latex, leather, tape, and a chunk of Burton’s old sofa. How much of the sofa was used, or whether or not the botched love seat is still around, remains unknown.

How do you get into that thing?

Nick Carter was famous before his brother.

When Aaron Carter was just a tot, practicing his vocals, scribbling lyrics in crayon, and getting ready to date Lizzy McGuire, his brother Nick Carter was making his film debut. In a scene where Edward is being driven into town and observing the all too perfect suburbia-disturbia, a boy in trunks lunges across a lawn and skims the yellow tarp of a slip ‘n slide. Who was this slip n’ slide extraordinaire? None other than Nick Carter. The scene didn’t exactly ignite a kick-ass acting career. Nonetheless, big brother Nick beat Aaron to the big screen, but he probably never hosted anything more banging than “Aaron’s Party.”

Scissorhands of pop?

It’s kind of unfathomable to imagine anyone else in Depp’s iconic role. But, he wasn’t the first choice. Michael Jackson wasn’t the first choice either. He wasn’t even a choice, but that didn’t stop him from pleading for the part. Please, just take a moment in your day to envision the role of Edward Scissorhands played by a mute Michael Jackson. The vision is exquisite. The character would have been flawless. And, many hair and makeup expenses would have been saved. Alas, Burton and Thompson didn’t think he fit the character, and the King of Pop was too busy working on his Dangerous album and hanging out with big cats.

the panther can come too
So close.

Images via Modern Vinyl, The Redlist, Times Union, Playbuzz.

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