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HBD Fantasia: 5 Other Hallucinogenic Movies to Watch When You’re High

Seventy-five years ago, way before Walt Disney’s corpse was cryogenically frozen and buried in the belly of the Black Pearl in Disneyland, a little film called Fantasia made its debut in New York City, changing animated cinema forever. But more than leaving its indelible mark on the world, Fantasia became an immediate go-to for stoners everywhere who needed visual stimulation while munching on Cheetos Puffs and Cosmic Brownies. To celebrate it’s 75th birthday (and the fact that Snoop Dogg finally came out with his own brand of weed), we’ve put together a list of visually striking movies to watch while you pack your bowl and hand it to the left. It’s Friday, act accordingly.

If only getting ready were this easy.
If only getting ready were this easy.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

We’ll start at the beginning, way back in 1920’s Germany. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, directed by Robert Wiene, is a silent horror expressionist film that tells the tale of a terrifying hypnotist who commits murder by manipulating a somnambulist. But don’t let its date or the fact that it’s silent turn you off. The film became an instant classic, and 95 years later remains a cinematic gem. With an incredible set design that makes you feel overwhelmed and, appropriately, hypnotized, the entire film is a voyage through insanity, fear, and the question of what truth actually means. Much like when you hit the blunt too hard and stop recognizing your face in the mirror.

When you're hogging the j.
When you’re hogging the j.


A few days ago a UFO lit the night sky in California, and although the government tried to cover it up by saying they were testing out missiles, we couldn’t help but scoff and think back to Lars Von Trier’s 2011 sci-fi drama. The two-part film might’ve initially garnered attention due to Von Trier’s questionable press junket antics, but upon it’s release his statements were overshadowed with the magnificence of the Kirsten Dunst-led epic. The entire film makes you feel like you’re having a fever nightmare, what with an existentialist plot and it’s dreamlike cinematography. Without giving the ending away, we just want to give a warning that this film, although striking, might be best left to those stoners who aren’t prone to paranoia.

We'd probably also be really emo at our wedding if the world was about to die.
We’d probably also be really emo at our wedding if the world was about to die.

Only God Forgives

It might not be what the audience wanted from Nicolas Winding Refn after he gave us the unforgettable Drive, but his subsequent collaboration with Ryan Gosling and Cliff Martinez is incredible in it’s own right. Sure, the plot is a little darker and at times harder to follow, but the cinematography is equally fantastical, oozing neon reds, blues, and purples. And aside from giving us an hour and a half of Gosling-porn, Kristin Scott Thomas also delivers some of the most ruthless burns we’ve heard in a long time. You might be a little bit confused by the end of the movie, but don’t worry, so were we when we first watched it – and we were sober.

The trifecta: weed, films, and Ry Gos.
The trifecta: weed, films, and Ry Gos.


Even though Terry Gilliam has some fantastic movies under his belt, there’s no doubt that his second film, Brazil, is his opus. The 1985 film’s plot, simply put, revolves around a kooky office worker in a semi-apocalyptic uber-capitalistic future who, after finding the woman of his dreams (literally), does everything to keep her safe from totalitarian punishment. But this being a Gilliam joint, the plot is anything but simple. The colossal two-and-a-half hour film has more twists and turns than Six Flags, all of which continue to elevate the film until the credits are rolling and you’re left in total existential despair, which is unsurprising as one of the co-writers of the story is Tom Stoppard. By the way, make sure to choose the director’s cut of the film, otherwise your high won’t reach the orgasmic level it deserves.

Anything to stay young, darling.
How your face feels when you look in the mirror.

2001: A Space Odyssey

When it comes to Stanley Kubrick’s film repertoire, it’s hard to choose which one is his masterpiece, but 2001:A Space Odyssey might just be it. From the eloquently developed philosophical themes, incredible set design, and immaculate cinematography, it’s no wonder why the 1968 film makes it into the top 5 best movies of all time in basically every list out there. The entire movie is a rollercoaster of cinematographic excellence, but particularly perfect are the last 30 minutes, which take you on a voyage of colors, existential anxiety, and an inner quest to find the meaning of life. It’s the ultimate movie for cinephiles and stoners, but not for those who would rather get high while watching Pineapple Express. This is Kubrick, show some respect.

HAL, one of the scariest villains.
HAL-induced paranoia might ensue after watching this movie.

BONUS: Samsara

If you’re the kind of person that just needs to stare at something when you’re high, then the 2011 documentary is definitely the film for you. The documentary is an amalgamation of beautiful shots that show you every corner of our world, from the wonders of the natural world to endearing scenes of love amongst humans. Watching this movie gives you the same fuzzy and warm feeling that you would get from watching youtube videos of puppies playing with each other. If you shed a tear, like we did, it’s only because you feel so good.

Optical illusion or just really good weed?

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