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Hearing Wedding Bells at Houghton

For a collection that’s named for one of the greatest screen goddesses of old Hollywood, we’ve come to expect an air of classiness, subtle glamor, and tailored precision from Houghton. While her previous collections for MADE Fashion Week have all upheld these ideals, designer Katharine Polk took her aesthetic into overdrive for SS16.

The result was a collection that walked the line between ‘loose and effortless’ and ‘dainty and fragile.’ There were a plethora of immaculate white dresses made of intricately stitched lace, a material that was present in sheer sleeveless tops, floor length bridal gowns, and even in button up vests. Where lace didn’t reign, denim took over, which was used to an eclectic degree. Maybe it was the blowout hairdo’s on all the models, but the full denim pantsuits, brass-buttoned tops, and clean-cut skirts were giving us serious Farrah Fawcett vibes.

But what seriously made this collection one to remember was just how universal it was in execution. Houghton may be designed with Katharine Hepburn in mind, but the accessibility of their SS16 collection reminds us that it can be worn by any woman during any time.

We spoke to designer Katharine Polk to learn a little bit more about this collection in her own words:

So tell me a little bit about how you think the Houghton girl has evolved this season?

I feel a little emotional because I feel like it was very full circle. This is kind of what we started with. I really wanted to go back to our roots. We started with an all ivory palette, all lace, very sexy and feminine. And I explored a lot of avenues throughout the past few seasons, and I feel like we came home to what we do best. I worked really hard to work on that. So, that’s kind of what this collection was about. And I’m really proud of it.

Okay, cool. Yeah. I noticed that you’re playing with a lot of elements.

It’s very feminine and sexy, but always inspired by Katherine Hepburn. And it’s not overtly sexual. It’s not short and tight, it’s about long and about seeing skin through the lace and the leg and the silhouette and celebrating women in a strong way. It’s about wearing clothes how you want to wear them and not having to show off your body in a skin tight number. Being comfortable, being sexy how you want to be sexy.

What qualities do you think make a strong woman?

I think it’s about individuality and being confident.

Katherine Hepburn was all about that too. Were you envisioning anywhere in particular to wear this collection?

I think Houghton girls wear it everyday. They can wear it everyday. It’s all about how you style it. That’s what the great thing about this collection is: you can wear it with a leather jacket, you can wear it with heels, you can get married in it. That’s what it is. All my girls are wearing it in a different way and I think that’s the best way to explain it.

Photography by Andy BoyleChristine Hahn, and ReviveTheCool

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