Even Sky is shocked at how many certified slaps she missed while she binged on ANTI.



Here's All The Music You Missed While Marathoning 'ANTI'

Now that we’ve finally taken our headphones off and heard the sounds of traffic and crazy men screaming about Jesus on the street corner, it’s time to take a break from our weekend binge of ANTI. This may come as a shock, but music was released this weekend that had nothing to do with Rihanna. And—even more of a shocker—it’s actually worth pausing ANTI to listen to. As we all shed some layers and enjoy the absurdly nice weather outside, here are the five best releases that’ve been hiding under the shadow of the already-platinum return album from Queen RiRi.

“Where The Light Gets In” | Primal Scream and Sky Ferreira

The kaleidoscopic video of Sky Ferreira and Primal Scream’s lead singer Bobby Gillespie plays out through a spatter of bloody color and dramatic silhouettes. It looks like the James Bond intro video, if James Bond was an indie film about two spies fighting evil and trying to keep their rock band together. Ferreira brings out her most vicious glare as she and Gillespie gyrate to the sounds. With the new Primal Scream album only a month away, we’ll be playing this one off and on as we walk to the bodega or get ready for a casual Tinder meetup.

“Summer Sixteen” | Drake

The 6 God is touching down from his perch in Heaven (or Canada) to start hyping up April’s release of Views From the 6. Of course, since this is hip hop and everyone seems to be a carnivore lately, beef is in–and “Summer Sixteen” brings a farm full. This isn’t a happy (albeit misogynistic) “Hotline Bling” -style jam, so put your smiles away. Drake is out for blood and takes on everything from the usual Meek Mill target to President Obama’s preference for Kendrick Lamar’s rhymes. Oh yeah, and there’s a classic dick waving contest over how much bigger his pool is than Kanye’s, which is some wavy #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch drama. Despite all the beef hung up to dry in the song, we can’t help but make it our fav jam to blast in our headphones when we’re trying to get on the L train during rush hour.


“This is Acting” | Sia

If there were ever an album to binge on after ANTI, this is it. The eclectic Sia has been compiling an album’s worth of songs she wrote that A-list singers swiped left on. It’s wild that these songs got rejected because the entire album is full of haunting bangers. Sia brings the plastic pop qualities she injected into the lyrics, as well as her own unique brand of vocals. Bump this as you’re dancing in your underwear with the blinds open—while decked out in your Andy Warhol wig you have laying around from Christmas.

“Wood” | Rostam Batmanglij

This sleepy little jam got overshadowed by Rostam’s announcement that he was officially leaving Vampire Weekend last week. But we’re ready to embrace the new sound. For his first official track as a solo artist, he retuned a 12-string guitar to sound like a traditional Persian sitar, and the end result is a track so whimsical that it sounds like a B side from a Wes Anderson soundtrack. “It’s a queer love song,” he wrote on his website. “I wanted to try to capture the feeling of being in bed with someone and dreaming something wild beside them.” If his debut album is going to be more of these soft jams, we’re ready to embrace whatever queer love songs he can throw at us. Sway to this as you celebrate the groundhog’s declaration of an early spring.

“Hotel Paranoia” | Jazz Cartier

Though his name may sound like a gang your jazz-loving grandma would be in with other golden oldies, Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier proves himself worthy of the hype that’s been building around him after last year’s fiery debut, Marauding in Paradise. This time, his 16-track effort cuts deep with solid slaps that will provide the vibe for your weekend rager. From the start, Cartier spits fire: “Everybody in the States compare me to Drake/’Cause there’s not many in the city who can carry the weight.” With that kind of hype, it’s lucky that his promise holds up. The album’s lofi beats and Cartier’s unrelenting lyricism will provide the soundtrack you need to hit the bong and take a few shots before you head out for the weekend.

Stay tuned to Milk for more music roundups. 

Main image by Kathryn Chadason. 

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