Here's Some Test Tube Puppies To Help W/ Your Hangover

Last night was a bit of a rager, and we’re all still healing. We’re doing it the only way we know how: Puppies. But, these aren’t just any puppies. They’re the first ever test tube puppies! Unfortunately, science has not yet found a way to for us to pet them through a computer screen, though.

Scientists at the Cornell College for Veterinary Medicine have been working on canine in vitro fertilization techniques since the ’70s, but this is the first time that actual puppies came out! “Seven beagle and cross-bred beagle-spaniel puppies” to be exact. They were birthed from one surrogate mother. But, although they’re from the same litter, they have three different sets of parents.

Dr. Alex Travis, the head vet of the project, told the BBC, “In vitro fertilisation is a really powerful tool to help preserve [an] endangered species of dog. IVF is also important for the health of our pets because it opens up the possibility that we could identify certain genes that cause disease and then fix those.”

So, not only do these seven puppies bring love and cuddles to the world, but also a nice dose of species preservation! Bless these puppies.

Stay tuned to Milk for all kinds of puppy updates!

Feature image by Jeffrey MacMillian.


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