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Hey NYC: Remember to Vote in The Primary Election Tomorrow

Come one, come all—if you didn’t already know, the NYC Primary elections are being held tomorrow, on Tuesday, September 12.

As the name suggests, the primary election is the first step in narrowing down candidates for the larger, general election in November. This means that if you’re a registered voter in NYC and enrolled in a political party with nominees on the ballot, you are eligible to vote in throughout the city.

Voting hours are from 6:00 AM—9:00 PM, and of course, lines will vary based on your location. You might have to be prepared to buckle down and wait (bring snacks). To double-check if you’re registered, you can click here.

If you are registered, this page can also provide your voter district information, which you’ll need in order to learn more about your party’s candidates. For the election tomorrow, the citywide open positions are for Mayor and Public Advocate. Additionally, within your district, there will be an open City Council position, and you might see other positions like DAs (District Attorneys) and Judges on the ballot as well.

While on the surface it might seem insignificant to vote in primary elections, these roles and these people—who potentially could be filling these citywide positions up for grabs—can (and most likely will) affect your life. Don’t forget that elections for local government are some of the best opportunities to have your voice heard and accurately represented, and although it might only be in your district, these positions undoubtedly create ripple effects. If you’re upset, uncomfortable, or unhappy with the state of American politics on a larger scale, this primary election is your chance to make a concrete change, starting at home. So, don’t be lazy—get your ass to the ballots. We’ll see you there.

Featured image via the Huffington Post

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