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Hillary Clinton Plans To Investigate UFOs, E.T. For Prez?

Hillary Clinton has a new foreign relations policy. She’s taking on a new boundary that no other candidate has dared to explore before: Outer. Space. “I think we may have been visited [by aliens] already,” she told the Conway Daily Sun. Looks like Air Force 1 may need a few upgrades.

John Podesta, the former chief of staff in the Clinton White House and an advisor to President Obama, is currently the chair of Hillary’s campaign. He’s also a noted UFO obsessive, and was recently quoted as saying, “I think I’ve convinced [Hillary Clinton] to declassify as much [on UFOs] as we can.” So while CNN published an article titled “Hillary Clinton (jokingly) pledges UFO probe,” Podesta insists it’s actually no joke. Clinton even said she would possibly invest in getting a task force to go in and investigate Area 51. About damn time! Podesta has been trying to get this information out for ages–he even said his biggest regret during his time in the Obama administration is not declassifying the UFO files.

Same John
The tweet was deleted, but thankfully lives in screenshot form 4ever.

Podesta has had a longtime fascination with UFOs, even taking a brief political hiatus to focus on researching his passion. And the Clintons have also always maintained an interest in extraterrestrials. In the past, tabloids ridiculed them, showing photos of Hillary adopting alien babies and having extraterrestrial friends. But it honestly sounds pretty cool, like their own exclusive version of E.T. Haters going to hate!

Bill is still going hard on the aliens. In the 2014 interview below, he told Jimmy Kimmel that “If we were visited [by aliens] someday, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that it’s not like [the movie] Independence Day, that it’s a conflict.” We’re right there with you, Mr. President. 

It’s said that the government closed alien investigations after Project Blue Book in 1969, but there have always been conspiracies that somebody in the government is still investigating the prospect of outer space life and UFOs. Podesta suspects that somebody out there has a treasure trove of UFO files, especially since former military personnel have come forward stating that the government never stopped investigating them at all. Hmm, suspicious. Maybe Hillary is just an extraterrestrial disguised as a human here to take over? Who knows! Apparently a vote for Hillary is a vote for aliens–and we’d definitely vote for an alien over Trump.

Original imagery by Kathryn Chadason

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