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1/15 — My friend Spencer Cherasia at a house party we went to before the Pride festival.



Hitting Up Grindr's Insane Sleepover With Carlos Santolalla [Pride Diary]

This year’s NYC Pride Parade is expected to surpass last years’ two million participants. In the wake of the the tragic Orlando massacre, the iconic Stonewall Inn was recently inducted as the first national LGBTQ landmark ever, and it seems as though New Yorkers and city transplants are prouder than ever. To celebrate, Milk enlisted three artists to capture their Pride festivities. Here, check out Milk fave Carlos Santolalla’s glorious Sunday. The artist-slash-model, who recently fronted a new campaign for Marc Jacobs, spent the day at parties and the parade, finishing up with Grindr’s wild, all-night rager at The Standard, where he met up with friends like actresses Hari Nef and Tiffany Luu. Read on for more!

The first thing I did in the morning was go to the gym, obviously, and then I went to brunch with a bunch of friends. Then we went to this house party at this girl’s mansion apartment—it had three stories—and we got to watch the parade from up there. I snuck into the parade and walked a few blocks of it. Then we went to SoHo House for some Rhonda party. And then we went to The Standard, where it was the most insane gay gala of all time. It was so fun. It was like an art party because Grindr rented it out too, and they had the whole floor—every room was taken by an artist.

I felt that [Pride] could’ve been a bittersweet situation because of what’s been happening, but it was actually really fun. There was a lot of love, and everyone was being really generous and kind to each other. I feel like everyone just wanted to be gay and happy and enjoy life without actually feeling fear, so it was nice. It was very community. I felt stronger to my community. I mean, I guess that’s what pride is supposed to be, but it felt, more than ever, like the community was stronger.

For more of our Pride photo diary series, check out Sussi Suss’ and Torraine’s. 

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