Courtney Love, ever the badass, teased a possible reunion of her band Hole. Read on for her craziest, wildest public moments. Minus the David Letterman thing, because #FreeTheNipple.



Hole Might Come Back! Relive Courtney Love's Most Outrageous Moments

When you think of the most outrageous and iconic moments in pop culture, you surely think of JT and Janet at the Super Bowl, Britney and Madonna at the 2004 VMAs, and every single thing that Prince did. But there is one woman who has given us endless moments that have inspired sheer shock and awe for decades: Courtney Love, the rock star, actress, Kurt Cobain widow, and overall major nineties icon.

Love’s wide-spanning career as a musician and overall character has provided us with so many pop culture gifts, and if her hints actually materialize, we’re in for so much more in the near future. Love teased a possible reunion with her former rock band Hole on Instagram, by posting a photo with legendary bandmates Patty Schemel and Melissa Auf Der Maur. But this wasn’t just a random encounter: she also tagged bandmate Eric Erlandson, who was absent, and wrote a mysterious caption, “with the girls, serving up a Hole lot of something. Maybe.” This was complete with cheesy hashtags of course, because she is a geeky Instagrammer at heart, similar to our mothers.

with the girls, serving up a Hole lot of something. maybe 💖😄 #rocknroll #girlfriends #hole @pattyschemel @xmadmx

A photo posted by Courtney Love Cobain (@courtneylove) on

Naturally, Love’s photo has sparked rampant speculation in the music world. But instead of wondering when and how the reunion will happen, we keep dwelling on the past, as is now standard journalistic practice. So in anticipation of moments still to come, we compiled the most outrageous (read: iconic) incidents and encounters that Courtney Love has graced us with. Remind yourself of the glory of Love and give proper credit where it’s due.

When Courtney Crashed Madonna’s VMAs Interview

The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards started off completely normal (well, as normal as the VMAs can be). The pre-show was in full swing, and Madonna and her platinum blonde ponytail were being interviewed when a compact arc was thrown at her head. The culprit? None other than an intoxicated Courtney Love, who joined the two at the interviewer’s request. What followed was a slew of catty one-liners, a random shoe discussion, and one of the most awkward encounters in history. Oh, and “Hi, Courtney!” The Queen of Pop bolted faster than Ted Cruz after losing Indiana. “Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now,” she exclaimed. We hear no lies.

When Courtney Divulged About a Heroin Party at Charlie Sheen’s Place

Courtney Love’s addiction to heroin has been reported on for what feels like centuries, and while it’s certainly not a thing to celebrate or shame in our books, she did provide some juicy details on the 90s Hollywood scene. The best story was when Love spoke about her first encounter with the drug in a 2011 interview, which just happened to be at Charlie Sheen’s mansion. “One night, my boyfriend at the time, who was working for Ben Stiller, took me to this star-studded party at Charlie Sheen’s house in Malibu. Tom Cruise, Madonna, my friend Jennifer Finch, who used to be in L7 (were all there). At some point, Jennifer convinced me to shoot up. ‘Come on, everyone’s doing it.’” Guess we know why the 90’s were such a thrilling decade then!

Courtney Love has really been through some shit. We love you!

When Courtney Threatened a Journalist With Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar

Vanity Fair journalist Lynn Hirschberg pulled an insanely uncool move when she insisted that Love used heroin when she was pregnant in a 1992 story. Love adamantly denied the story, and expressed her disappointment at its publication for years on end. At a 1995 Oscars party, Love saw Hirschberg in the flesh and the fury crept back up. The closest thing in her reach? Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar statue for Best Director. And she had no qualms about using it to threaten attack to her perpetrator. Let’s ignore that Love later admitted the story was partially true in order to preserve the wacky amazingness of this tale.

That ‘Vanity Fair’ article may have been garbage, but the accompanying photo by Michel Comte is glorious.

When Courtney Got Waxed In Front of a Journalist

In 2002, Courtney wanted to make her 37th comeback to the music world. So she arranged an interview with British rock magazine Q in an attempt to fix her reputation. Her idea of damage control consisted of getting a full-on bikini wax in front of the interviewer (“wax my anus!,” she ordered the beautician) before pouring a bottle of champagne on herself and posing naked on a street in London. I didn’t know we had the same Thursday routine.

The badass Courtney we know and Love.

When Courtney and Kurt Burned Vintage Marc Jacobs Pieces

Yes, you heard us right. Vintage Marc Jacobs. Gone. Just like that. We’re mourning as much as you are. In an interview with WWD, Love explained why her husband and she burned the iconic grunge collection Jacobs designed for Perry Ellis in 1992. “We were punkers — we didn’t like that kind of thing,” she said. We understand why Love and Cobain would object to the fashion industry co-opting an authentic cultural movement, but we do still like the collection. If it makes the scars heal faster, Love seemed to regret it years later. And when you think back on the legacy of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, this isn’t just normal. This shit is expected, and frankly, we would be gutted if they did otherwise.

Christy Turlington rocking Marc Jacobs’ famous Perry Ellis grunge collection in 1992.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Hole and Courtney, because lord knows we Love her (ok I’ll stop).

Lead image by Kathryn Chadason. Additional images via NY Mag, NME, Vanity Fair, and Complex.

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