"holywater carries the energy of all my past and present experiences combined."



holywater Has A Message For The One That Got Away: "Hush"

holywater may be a new name on the electro pop scene, but the artist behind the debut single “Hush”, featuring three piece killer girl band Cruel Youth, is no stranger to musical mastery. As a photographer and fashion curator-turned-DJ, holywater is also the woman behind the creative collective Virgin Gold Cult. Needless to say, this one’s got her hands full, much like her “Hush” collaborator Cruel Youth, whose lead woman Teddy Sinclair’s Grammy-nominated work with androgynous queen Rihanna makes her band an equally standout act of the summer.

Though this is her first foray under the new holywater moniker, the artist has already proven herself worth a listen, and “Hush” only further proves the point: she’s one to watch. We sat down with holywater to talk “Hush”, overlapping creative pursuits, and what’s next; check the full interview below.

So first offcongrats on dropping “Hush”! What’s the reception been like so far?

Thank you! It’s always a little nerve-wracking to put out personal work and have no idea how people will react to it, especially as a new artist that no one has ever heard of. But so far I’ve been getting loads of support from all over and I feel like I’ve really connected to quite a few people which has been very exciting and inspiring. Teddy Sinclair, the singer of Cruel Youth is featured on my track—she has such an insane voice and she killed it! And Cruel Youth has so many lovely fans who have been sending tons of support my way as well.

Can you talk about the story behind the track? I know that it’s for “the one who got away” but would love for you to elaborate on that.

It’s about that one love we’ve all had that feels impossible to forget and seems to haunt you forever. That person you still look for in everyone no matter how much time has passed. It’s a future-bass track with energy but Teddy’s vocals are so beautiful on it while telling a story that so many people can relate to, so some listeners might simply like the song for the catchy drop while others might connect to the song on a deeper level, which makes me happy because it’s definitely a story that I feel very connected to.

What it was like working with Cruel Youth? I know they’ve written tracks for some big names so I’m sure it was a great collab opportunity.

I’ve been a fan of Cruel Youth since they put their first album out last year, so I was stoked to collab with them on my first release. Their whole vibe and aesthetic just made sense to me for this project and Teddy’s voice was exactly what I wanted to hear on this track. Teddy was nominated for a Grammy this year for writing on Rihanna’s latest album and her schedule was absolutely insane around the time that I was in the studio working on this song. So I’m just happy that we were able to find the time to make it all happen!

Aside from being holywater, I know you’re also behind the collective Virgin Gold Cult. What is your secret for balancing all your creative pursuits? Do they overlap at all?

It isn’t always easy to stay on top of all the projects that I’m working on, but when I am disciplined and organized and set aside specific times to dedicate my mind to each project, I’m able to stay pretty balanced. Virgin Gold Cult is a creative collective that is constantly evolving with me, and I will be launching clothing soon, as well as branching out into music with the plan to launch a record label under VGC in the next year or so. Naturally, my projects tend to overlap, but as I begin to shift some of the focus of Virgin Gold Cult into more of the music realm, they will blend together even more.

What inspires you when writing or creating new music?

Being in love or having my heart broken is definitely what inspires my creativity the most. But it also comes from random places sometimes like a movie, or a dream or even some random person I saw walking down the street who somehow reminded me of something from the past [Laughs].

Is there a meaning behind the name? Would love to hear more about that if so.

I have experienced a lot of disappointment and heartbreak in my life, but looking back I can see that those were really important moments that helped guide me into figuring out what I truly desire out of my time here. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel really strong and at ease and in a way, cleansed of all those things that use to cause me so much pain. But holywater carries the energy of all my past and present experiences combined.

I love that. So now that “Hush” has dropped, what’s next for holywater? I’m sure you’ve got lots coming up that we’d love to hear about! 

I’m currently in the studio working on more new music! So hopefully I’ll be sharing something new with you guys again really soon!

Images courtesy of holywater

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