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HONNE Talks Electro-Soul, Coachella, And LaCroix

HONNE show up in the Coachella media tent looking more relaxed than anyone else in the vicinity. James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck are shuffled around for multiple photoshoots before we sit down. They look like seasoned professionals, joking quietly about moving back and forth for poses. At one point during our chat, they comment on a fly that has landed on my leg. “Dangerfly” they dub it, clearly thinking alike. They briefly muse about how that sounds like a band name, then alert me that the fly was not in fact, dangerous. Hatcher and Clutterbuck interject into each others thoughts but the electronic duo seemingly never interrupt each other. As the saying goes, it seems that this musical pairing is a match made in heaven.

HONNE on and off stage feels fairly similar—refined and dynamic. With tracks like “Warm On A Cold Night” (featuring another UK favorite, the rapper Aminé), they’re bringing soul back to the world of electronic music, pairing heartfelt lyrics with some of the best beats we’ve heard in years. Didn’t catch them at Coachella? Not to worry; get the full behind the scenes recap with our interview, below.This is your first time at Coachella; how has it been so far?

Clutterbuck: Well, hot.

Hatcher: We haven’t been past this fence yet. (We’re sitting in the shade on some grass in the backstage press area.) This year is lots of festivals sort of around the world. We have already done some in Asia, Indonesia, and this is our first one in the US. We’ve got quite a few more hereBumbershoot and Lollapalooza, Osheaga, Way Home fest.

Do you have any new music coming out?

C: Well, we’re kind of still touring the last record, our first record which came out last year. We just re-released a track of ours, “Warm On A Cold Night”, and we got Aminé on it, the rapper, so that was really cool. The next thing we put out will be a new song from the next album.

H: That’ll be in a couple of months probably.

Are you able to make music or stay creative on the road?

H: Not while in a van or on a bus whilst moving, but we are staying out here in the US for a week to do some writing so I guess, that’s not our home. So I guess that’s on the road…kind of.

C: We like jotting down ideas whilst we’re away and you get back and go for it. It’s hard because if I just look at a laptop I’ll feel sick. I can’t do much in a van.

H: This is one of our first tours where we’ve seen loads of the US landscape. So this has really been something else. We’ve been touring with Oh Wonder as well so doing Coachella weekends, some of our own gigs, and gigs with them. We’re just looking forward to seeing loads of the world, we’re going all over the place this year, South Korea, Singapore, England obviously, Europe, all over the place. It’ll be good to get some traveling in.

Anyone you’re excited to see at the festival? 

H: Bon Iver, that’s gonna be good. Kendrick Lamar, Skepta.

C: I don’t know when he’s on though. Who else is there? All the people who have come over from the UK. Mura Masa, NAO, Shura. All these people are doing great things. It’ll be good to see all of them not in the UK.

How do you guys stay cool at festivals; do you have any essentials to bring? 

C: LaCroix.

Both: Yeah, LaCroix.

H: It’s the best.

Both: Yeah.

Anything else?

H: That’s it. LaCroix. If you find the mango flavor of LaCroix—

C: Please bring it to us.

H: We’ve never found it and apparently it exists.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes Coachella coverage. 

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