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Fashion Week: Honolulu Edition

Newsflash: There must be something in the Honolulu style-slaying, hot AF surfer-friendly waves. In other words, post-ten hour Hawaiian Airlines flight (I am still dying), I’m back in dreary ass New York after checking out HONOLULU Fashion Week (and by week, I mean three days, which is how it should be done). I also may or may not have made a cameo or two at a nude beach. Oops.

Anyway, the shows (and the sun, which I’m very grateful for considering my deadly Vitamin D deficiency) were very fantastic: from Hawaii’s lauded legacy designer’s 60th anniversary show, who’s basically the iconic King of the Hawaiian shirt, AKA Reyn Spooner, to hip Hawaii Island native Manaola Yap’s chic showing, whose looks gave me major Opening Ceremony tropical-tinged vibes. Take notes New York/Milan/Paris Fashion Week, the #AlohaLife vibes were in the fresh air, as proven via the super chill, lei-clad publicists sans any vocal fry.

Besides hiking a goddamn albeit glorious volcano for many a selfie, the food (Ahi poke bowls, katsu curry, spam-heavy everything, oh my!), and many a Mai Tai, my fav fashion-y highlight = the Hawaiian Airlines presents Runway to Runway group show featuring international designers who presented killer capsule collections. The fierce bunch included Dion Lee from Sydney, Marissa Webb from New York City, PELI from Tokyo, GREEDILOUS by Younhee Park from Seoul and Hawaii’s own, Jeffrey Yoshida. Per always, Lee’s looks were all kinds of Gala-ready immaculate, and Yoshida’s aloha wear made me consider rocking flower crowns for the rest of my life. But for me, it was all about PELI and GREEDILOUS’ wildly quirky, pop star/club kid-friendly head-turners. The aforementioned sartorial-slaying looks as well as the drop dead gorgeous models resulted in me sneaking backstage with my disposable camera to flirt/capture the beautifulness of it all. And I did it all for you! You’re welcome.

Mahalo, HONOLULU Fashion Week. You’re doing everything so damn right.

Images courtesy of Alex Catarinella.

Stay tuned to Milk for more fashion week coverage.

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