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Hood By Air: Darker, Better, Faster, Stronger

Amongst those in the know, MADE Fashion Week alum Hood By Air is more than a brand. It’s a symbol that conveys a certain community; saying that something reminds one of HBA instantly invokes a dark, futuristic world, filled with alien-like beauties in slashed up sportswear. In a few short years, designer Shayne Oliver has created a whole new look, something truly different. HBA SS16 even changed the layout of a traditional runway show; instead of row seating, a massive Midtown space held benches that faced each other, so no one had a better seat than anyone else.

Oliver stayed true to his vision, while evolving the clothing’s construction. A much talked-about highlight was a jumpsuit that was tied in the back with small knots, completely exposing the model’s booty- it reminded us of Rose McGowan’s infamous naked VMA “dress.” We loved the skirts, which were slit all the way up to the models’ hipbones, and the cut out pants with exposed zippers. Health goth may be a dead term, but these clothes were certainly made for dark souls that love the gym.

Funereal as the garments may be, Oliver is not without a sense of humor – the makeup was inspired by intense contouring, before it’s blended. As Hood by Air continues to grow and evolve, we can’t wait to see what Oliver comes up with next. Will everyone soon be rocking clothes that are perfect for a rave in Zion? We hope so.

Photography by Christine Hahn

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