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House of Vans Opened The 'SESSIONS' Winter Series With A Dense Skate Sesh

Last Wednesday, the SESSIONS winter series returned to House of Vans in Brooklyn with a free open skate, multiple band performances, and a live mural painting. Milk dropped by to check it out; drop into our photo collage gallery compliments of Jon Krippahne above and read his take on the evening below.

Last week Milk jetted over to the House of Vans in Greenpoint to check out the latest SESSIONS event, for free music, live painting, and a VERY dense skate sesh. When we rolled up the line was down the street, and the session was so packed we imagine it’s comparable to skating port authority at 6 pm on a Monday.  ***For the love of God, if you attend in the future and you don’t skate, PLEASE keep your head up…collisions were brutal and abundant***. Nevertheless, skaters of all shapes and sizes shared the space respectfully. While hundreds showed up, there was a core group of about 5-10 rippers who really pushed the session. Notable moments included a massive boneless down the 12 set, and a foot plant so high it would’ve made superman shiver. The music was tight…and loud. Our ears are still ringing, and we’re still bruised from the mosh pits. All of this went down simultaneously as a beautiful mural was painted in the space. Roll up next time, and always look both ways before you cross the skatepark.  

Stay tuned to Milk for more skate culture. 

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