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Hoverboards Legalized By Austria On Back To The Future Day

Once again, Jennifer, it is Wed. Oct. 21st, 2015. Look around; Back to the Future II is everywhere. USA Today included Marty McFly on their cover, video chat is a thing, and this just in: Austrian legislators have legalized the prophesized hoverboard.

On this day we join you, McFly
On this day we happily join you, McFly.

We’re not talking rap-star favorite IO Hawk here; when we say “hoverboard” what we mean is the lastest, greatest, rocket-powered board of our wildest childhood, Back to the Future, inspired ~dreamz~.  Ok, so this hoverboard doesn’t actually exist yet, but the Austrian government views it just as they should: imminent, powerful, in need of rules to be broken. Like its jealous cousin the skateboard, Innovation and Technology announced that hoverboards will be treated as “small off-road vehicles.”

There are many obstacles hovering under this beautiful union, still almost too good to be true. First, to ride the rocket-powered Pit Bull, you’ll need a pilot’s certificate and flight authorization. To add your name to the list of holy, notable figures who have walked on water, you’ll also need a nautical permit. Instead of idling your days away until actually available, why not get ahead of the game and start training?

We admire the spirit behind the legislation. They have clearly learned a thing or two from a movie that was, well, ahead of its time.

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