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1/30 — Maison The Faux



How MAISON the FAUX Challenges The Expression of Beauty [NYFW]

The duo that is MAISON the FAUX introduced their squad of FAUXmosapiens for their new collection at NYFW and, simply put, it defies the rules of Fashion Week entirely. The runway, lined with upright tanning beds and centered by a 10 gallon water dispenser filled with roses, homed models of all genders, sizes and colors, each expressing a unique palate of neutrally fueled flamboyancy and freedom.

The collection itself displays a complex combination of femininity and grunge, taking the mundane and overwrought presence of the soon to be apocalypse, flipping it on it’s head and challenging the expression of beauty within the unforeseen and often feared future. The inspiring mix of many materials like tulle, sequins, pleather and knit, gave each look a fresh character and a cohesion that develops throughout the show. One model wearing a Chanel-like knit ensemble transitions into the next who is donning a sister piece but adding new elements and so on. Some unconventional materials made their way down the runway like the plastic shopping bags used as both headdress and handbag. Another phrase stamped on this show and a couple T-shirts is “IN JESUS WE TRUST” which adds another level to the metaphor of this collection. How much control do we actually have over the things that we ultimately cannot control?

Upon uproarious applause and the entire evolution of the FAUXmosapien strutting in full, designers Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer entered donning matching bathrobes proclaiming, “I’d rather be tanning”, filling a red-cup with the water from the centerpiece and exiting with their backs turned to the audience. The amount of space and creativity these designers have spawned for themselves is revolutionary within the NYFW platform. MAISON the FAUX is here, it’s inspiring, it’s ahead of it’s time.

Images via NYFW

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