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Just How Many Americans Have Smoked Pot?

O, O, O’s, Merry Weed-mas! Tis’ the season of lighting up our favorite shrub, and we’re not talking about that evergreen. Today marks our favorite national holiday, 4/20. But is it actually considered a national holiday? According to a new survey funded by Yahoo! News and conducted by Marist Poll, the data says it might as well be. Information from a group of 1,122 adults of different ages, genders, races, incomes and regions, claims that roughly 52% of the American population aged 18 and older has tried pot. In other words, over half of the adults in the United States has gotten high at least once. With only 7 states having legalized the activity, it’s safe to say that most among the 52% did so against the law. Not impressed?

To put that number into better perspective for you guys, it is reported that 43.6% of Americans own iPhones. That means that there is a higher number of adults who have smoked pot in America than that of iPhone users. So if everybody you know owns an iPhone, you can bet your bottom dollar that everybody you know and then some have met Miss Mary Jane.

We don’t mean to be pointing any fingers, but there are pretty good odds that your parents, professors, even bosses have smoked that good kush too. In fact, the survey also identified that 51% of the self-titled regular users claim to be parents and of those moms and dads, 93% of them admit that their kids have not a clue. Interesting. So not only has this study given light to how many American adults have tried pot, but also to the number of parents keeping secrets from their children.

Next time you’re in a room full of people, look around at everyone and know that at least half of the individuals in the room have gotten high, whether through way of bowl, bong, blunt, or brownie. With the rise of individuals who confess to use of marijuana, there has also been a rise of acceptance for its legalization and experimentation. Even in a shifting political climate, it seems like most people can agree on one thing: they love smoking the good shit.

Header image courtesy of LiveScience

Sources: LiveScience, comScore

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