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How Milk LA Celebrates Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day the West Coast Milk fam is sharing portraits we’ve taken of our moms and celebrating the love they’ve shared with us through the years. Get to know some of the world’s best matriarchs below.

SandyMy mum left her country during a terrorist era and moved to the US without knowing any English or where she would work. One thing she’s taught me by example is to keep going. Even when everything feels wrong and you’re not close to feeling stable, just don’t give up. Always go through those hard moments believing that you are strong enough to get through them, and be grateful for them as they shape the person you are. Happy mothers day mami.

SophiaMy mom embodies grace and kindness, but she’ll still flip you off if you deserve it. She has overcome more than I can imagine, and still, she is a shoulder for all to lean on. An Italian queen with the most magical spirit, she’s a warrior. She’s my mama.

John JayMy mama always told me,“believe in yourself.” She made sure that I never let anyone tell me I can’t do anything because God is in control, so there are no limits. Just do right and good things will enter into your life. She lives in her words and I love her for it.

JulianMy mom has always taught me how to treat and respect woman, whether it is your friend or your significant other. She has taught me about work ethic. She taught me about unconditional love. She has taught me how to be a better man. Between her and my older sister they gave me the tools necessary to be the best version of me, and for that I will always be grateful.

ChloeMy mom has always supported me in every creative endeavor I’ve tried. She’s always reminded me to never dull my shine and to surround myself with people who share the same sentiment. I feel lucky to be able to support her achieve her dreams too now that I’m an adult. She’s always her authentic self and for that I love her so much.

WalkerMy mom is the best. If I’ve learned anything from that quirky lady, it’s that making moments out of things helps them last, Yahtzee is a way of life, and that Negronis are actually good. My favorite quote of hers is, “We raised you better than that!” Love you mom.

Stay tuned to Milk for more love.

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