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How to Get High and Get Holy

It looks as though we have welcomed a new branch of religion to Roman Catholicism; one whose legitimacy begs questioning, but whose intentions are clear as ever—to get high. The “Healing Church,” a group of devout cannabis activists from Rhode Island, is determined to prove a legitimate association between getting high and getting holy. Their ultimate master plan is to burn oil full of psychoactive cannabinoids inside the country’s largest Roman Catholic church, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, during the solar eclipse on August 21.Anne Armstrong, the leader of said branch mentioned that she is expecting to be granted full permission to carry on with the group’s slightly creepy, super shady ritual at the church of our nation’s capital. With that said, weed legislation in D.C. only allows individuals of age to smoke pot inside of their private residences… so, not in public… so, not in a church. Though the group’s plan of action does not necessarily include the members physically smoking, it doesn’t avoid the fact that they’d be burning cannabis oil and likely getting high in a fairly public space of worship and in the United States capital, to say the least.

Relentless and most likely under the influence of her good friend, ganja, Armstrong claimed that she’d be shocked if they weren’t allowed to proceed with their ceremony. In fact, she predicts, “the church will say, ‘Welcome, Deaconess Anne, and what room would you like?’” However, if things don’t go as planned, Armstrong and her troupe of an expected 75 weed worshippers will simply walk in and occupy an empty nook, reasoning, “We don’t need the basilica’s permission to have a prayer service in a chapel.”The group plans to have THC-infused olive oil in a metal censer that will produce a high, topped with incense to burn during their solar eclipse service. They will then exit the Basilica and blow weed smoke out of a ceremonial horn, an act they claim to have apparently adopted from an excerpt of the Bible. Expecting “a lot of interesting astrological things going on,” Armstrong and her followers should also be potentially expecting authorities. Just saying. 

Still relentless and still probably high, she also plans to invite Melania Trump and presidential advisor, Ivanka Trump. To be frank, that has to be the most questionable matter of this entire situation. While their attendance is doubtful to say the least, we can expect by her persistence and dedication that Armstrong will be at our nation’s largest church, blowing her ceremonial weed horn, praying to the powers that be while high AF. Watch a video of Armstrong at a previous cannabis ceremony this year.

Source: US News

Images and video via Getty, Business Insider and Youtube. 

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