Skate Kitchen represents the next generation of skateboarding, adding their unique and inclusive perspective to the male-dominated sport.



How to Shred With Skate Kitchen

It’s no secret that Skate Kitchen has been keeping busy—and as usual, they’re cooking up something hot.

Today, we’re teaming up with the rising all-female skate squad to debut a video feature which explores the unique ethos of the group. Shot at one of their local haunts, the Chelsea Piers Skatepark, the film offers a glimpse into what skating means to the crew, and how they’ve managed to find community in the traditionally male-driven world of skateboarding.

Above all, Skate Kitchen is distilling skateboarding back down to its essence—competition aside, they’re all about re-discovering the fun in the sport and expressing themselves through their own, authentic outlet. With a powerful sense of individuality and genuine free-flying spirit, Skate Kitchen represents an exciting, and hopefully more inclusive, next generation of skating.

Directed by Matt Lucier; music by Jeremy Barton

Images courtesy of Matt Lucier

Stay tuned to Milk for more skate culture.

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