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1/10 — Sonia Rykiel dress, stylist's own stockings (worn throughout), Rodebjer top (worn underneath), Petra Gabas shoes



How To Sunbathe On An NYC Rooftop: An Editorial by Mitchell McLennan

Shot by Milk fave Mitchell McLennan and featuring clothes by a collection of snazzy designers on the come-up, like Rodebjer and Petra Gabas—and industry staples, like Comme des Garçons, Chloé, and Sonia Rykiel—this editorial, while certainly lovely, is also a pretty accurate portrayal of what happens when New Yorkers attempt to sunbathe.

Oftentimes it involves a valiant effort in the form of trekking up multiple flights of stairs to reach our coveted roofs. Roofs which are, as you’ll see in this spread, typically coated in a blistering hot shade of silver, and specked with dried-up grime, an occasional discarded vent, a grill (if you’re lucky), and not a lick of shade or water to take solace in. Especially during the summertime, the heat is unrelenting—made all the more so by the turtleneck-dress pairing you insisted on wearing because, well, it looks good and we New Yorkers have felt the cold sensation of subway-seat-on-bum far too many times. And the wind, while unforgiving, does admittedly give your hair a tousled, went-to-Bumble-and-Bumble-three-days-ago appeal.

Need proof? It’s all in the above spread. Just be sure not to trip on the wires. Or the pee.

Photos shot exclusively for Milk by Mitchell McLennan

Stylist: Anna Santangelo

Art Director: Sarah Bassett

Model: Rosa Van Berckel at Supreme 

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