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How to Turn Your Vintage Clothes into A '70s Dreamscape

If Thelma and Louise had a love child with Lou Reed, and that love child migrated to NYC for college, took up residence in a nicely and deliberately scuffed up loft, and then pulled an Andie MacDowell circa ’96 and multiplied, you would get the gang of kids that Dudy Dayan shot in Brooklyn during this past New York Fashion Week. Awash in a distinctly ‘70s flavor—thanks in no small part to COLLECTIONS, the poppin’ Brooklyn vintage boutique that lent all of the clothes featured in the shoot—the photos are at once sweet and a little salty and got us thinking: how do cool teens of the internet successfully pull off their Gucci trousers and vintage printed button-ups?

Well for starters—and if this shoot is any indication (it is)—you should always look slightly underwhelmed, despite how happy you may be. The idea is to contrast your vibrantly colored clothes with your slightly dejected countenance. It’s also important that, at any given moment, you have a car parked about a foot away from you that you can lean on. Bonus points if the car is ornamental, and entirely unusable. And finally, you must always be adept at setting off fire hydrants.

But what do we know?

Peep the full editorial, “Waiting For My Man,” above.

Photos shot exclusively for Milk by Dudy Dayan

Stylist: Ron Ben Nun

Makeup: Yarden Stark

Hair: Denzel Morgan

Clothes: Collections Vintage Boutique

Models: Jovel Ramos and Matthew Sosnowski (Fusion), Philip Errico, Lucky Llanes, Chloe Schnell, Chloe Pultar, Sal Johnson, Duneska Suannette, Paco, and Kate Atkinson.

Stay tuned to Milk for more heady editorials. 

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