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Hungry? This Exhibit Literally Lets You Step Inside A 9,000 sq ft Cake

This is seriously what dreams are made of. That is, if you’re a six-year-old pageant queen in the body of Hayao Miyazaki. Which, I think, we all kinda are.

Artists Baker’s Son and Scott Hove have teamed up to give us an installation they call “Break Bread,” located in LA’s Think Tank Gallery. This installation has everything—a glittery cake sculpture that morphs into what looks like a lion’s very hungry mouth, a watercolor ice cream truck, and a Zumanity-themed bar and lounge, all housed within a 9,000-square-foot, floor-to-ceiling labyrinth made of cake. Well, not real cake, unfortunately. But this “whimsical—and twisted—candyland,” as the website describes it, is not only a feast for the eyes.

Open until March 12th, “Break Bread” is featuring pop-up coffee shops and dining experiences, and is hosting a different event pretty much every day, from immersive theater performances and boozy brunches, to stand-up comedy shows and drawing sessions. We’re buying our plane tickets now.

Stay tuned to Milk for more palatable exhibits. 

Images via designboom.

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