The Broad Exchange made gender equality seem that much more attainable. It's a good feeling.



I Spent An Evening With The Broad Exchange & This Is What I Learned

I started this year with a semi-serious mantra (the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” seemed a bit tired…I’m improvising) of “manifesting my dreams into reality.” I’m typically a very practical person—this is obviously an incredibly broad statement. At the same time, it felt appropriate to take ownership over my future, in a world where the future at large felt increasingly out of sorts. Maybe I couldn’t change who was in the Oval Office, or how many abortion clinics stayed open in Texas, my home state, but I could push myself to be more assertive, throw myself into a new position of leadership at work, and use our platform to highlight emerging creatives who were working towards something with purpose.

Enter The Broad Exchange: bringing together women in creative industries to build personal and professional connections, their iResolve event offered me a safe space to start working towards my goal(s). The focus on gender equality had me hooked. The group meditation and crystals? I was a tad more skeptical of. My enthusiasm increased as the night progressed—the meditation allowed me to focus, and the crystals were sublime (and made for some beautiful photos). I put my assumptions to the side and dove deep into conversations with women who entered as strangers—and left as new allies in the movement. For The Broad Exchange, community is key. They’re starting with the most basic of foundational elements—human connection—and building a new standard for how we interact and exchange thoughts and ideas. In a single evening, The Broad Exchange made gender equality seem that much more attainable. It’s a good feeling.

Featured image courtesy of The Broad Exchange

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