“If you scared go to church:" Pope Francis drops an album

Drake said “Preach” and the Pope was like “Aight.” Today, in addition to a litany of press conferences and peace talks in New York, Pope Francis is also dropping his first album, titled, Wake Up!.

In collaboration with Believe Digital, his holiness is embarking on a message of hope and unity by dropping some dope tracks (or Gregorian chants). The album features the contemplative Kendricks of chant, Giolio Neroni and Tony Pagliuca, amidst some pretty rad electric guitar and horns.

The eleven-track album is actually a collection of archived audio from the Pope’s most moving speeches featured in a number of languages. The heaviest track, “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” addresses a South Korean audience in English. In the speech, Pope Francis calls the faithful to activism and progress – you know, after a few soft-rock guitar solos. The album is set to debut in November, but you can check out the single here.

When you meet with Obama and drop an album same weekend

When you meet with Obama and drop an album the same weekend.

The heavenly music mogul has yet to drop an album cover, but we’re praying – pun intended –  that it will include some religious iconography borrowed from the Yeezus tour. What’s next for the Pope? After a visit with the UN to tune into some major decisions concerning sustainable developments and climate change, we’re thinking world peace, combatting poverty and a collaboration with Future.

In the meantime, to help you shed all that excess fashion week energy, check out The Catholic Chic, a site dedicated to Pope Francis swag. It’s that Baptist meets forbidden fruit look, and it’s pretty great.

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