Iggy Pop Is A Devil Creature In First Trailer For Silent Film

It’s not nearly often enough that we see Iggy Pop in an upcoming movie trailer, even less often when we see Iggy Pop as a devil/angel creature with black leathery wings in an upcoming movie trailer. But rest easy Stooges fans and cinephiles, the trailer for the much-discussed film Gutterdämmerung has arrived, and it is every bit as whacked the fuck out as we could have hoped.


The film is being heralded as the ‘loudest silent film movie on earth,’ which makes sense not just because the preview shows people talking, but because it boasts a cast of some the greatest rock and roll legends of all time. Aside from Iggy, the movie stars Henry Rollins of Black Flag, Slash, Lemmy of Motorhead, and the one and only goddess Grace Jones, just to name a few.

Written and directed by photographer Bjorn Tagemose, the film’s plot seems to concern typical heavy metal mysticism, i.e. lots of guitars, angels and demons, and general bedlam. Despite the info gleaned from the trailer, there’s still a great deal left to uncover. It looks like we’ll have to wait torturously for the release date, which is still unfortunately, yet to be announced. Until then, rock on ye mere mortals.

Visit the film’s website here.

Image via Gun Productions.

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