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#ImpeachTrump is Trending on Twitter (Again)

This isn’t the first time that masses of individuals online have called for Trump’s impeachment. However, in the chaotic aftermath of the tragedy in Charlottesville, and Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the size of the role white supremacists and literal Nazis played in Saturday’s events, the call for impeachment is becoming much louder.

Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville attack transitioned from vague to scripted to absolutely unforgivable in the eyes of the country. When Trump refused to acknowledge that white supremacists and Nazis played a large role in Saturday’s events, and instead blamed “both sides” for the violence, people kind of lost their shitand rightfully so. Two days later, when Trump finally condemned white supremacists, Neo-nazis, and racists as “evil”, many argued that it was too little, too late.

On Monday, during a press conference at Trump Tower, Trump resorted back to his original rhetoric—blaming both sides again, calling out the “alt-left” for violence, referring to reporters as “fake news”, calling people on the side of the white supremacists “fine people”, and refusing to name the victim of white supremacist violence—Heather Heyer.

Trump’s statements were heated, frustrated, and sounded like your racist drunk uncle at Thanksgiving who only watches Fox News (if he watches the news at all).

Naturally, people of all political backgrounds took to Twitter to voice their own frustrations at their now-undeniably racist President.

Though it’s unclear whether the GOP will make moves towards impeachment, the conversation is certainly growing louder and louder as the aftermath of Charlottesville unfolds. And with two potential arguments for impeachment up in the air—the investigation into collusion with Russia throughout the presidential campaign, and Trump’s refusal to shut down the movement of white supremacy that he arguably incited—it’s anyone’s guess as to whether we’ll soon be looking at a Pence presidency.

To read the entire transcript from Trump’s infuriating press conference at Trump Tower, click here.

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