With 42 condoms given to each athlete, this year's Olympians are letting their freak flags fly.



In Rio, Athletes Are Scoring More than Just Medals

At the Olympic Games, there are a lot more flames burning apart from the famous torch. Despite its appeal to classicism—what with “ancient” rites and quasi-religious pledges—the Olympic Games are, for the most part, just a huge party that’s thrown every four years. And like every party, you’re sure to get a good portion of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. While the Russian team, embroiled in doping scandals, has been on the International Olympic Committee’s naughty list, the rest of the athletes at this year’s games have been busy having sex all over the Olympic Village. A lot of sex.

That the Olympic Village is a hotbed of, well, hot beds, should come as no surprise. Let’s face it: these are among the healthiest, youngest, and most testosterone-fueled people on the planet, and they’re all packed in one place.

Almost as soon as the athletes finish their respective events, they start partying, pre-gaming and letting their opposable thumbs run wild on Tinder. According to Rosette Pambakian, VP of global communications and branding for Tinder, use of the app “has skyrocketed in Rio. We expect this trend to continue.”

Well duh. With 450,000 free condoms available (that’s 42 for every competitor) and even the top athletes, like Ryan Lochte, talking openly about using the app, it’s safe to assume that those looking for a fling won’t have trouble finding one. As fencer Yemi Apithy from Benin told CBS News when asked if he had been successful on his Tinder ventures: “For sure. I am a pretty boy.”

With perfectly sculpted bodies to showcase in their Tinder profiles, and not a Tinder ban in sight from the U.S. or Australian committees (among others), what’s to stop athletes from getting their swipe on? Throw other apps like Grindr and even Instagram into the mix (sliding into DMs should be an Olympic sport in itself), and you get a perfect storm of social media and social sex.

When you know you're gonna get more than a medal at the olympics
When you know you’re gonna get more than a medal at the olympics.

Although apps have certainly facilitated hook-ups between competitors since the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, super sexual displays by the top athletes in the world is nothing new. Even when the Olympics were in Atlanta in 1996, U.S. Women’s Soccer player Brandi Chastain remembers walking into the dining hall for the first time: “There were loud cheers. So we look over and see two French handballers dressed only in socks, shoes, jockstraps, neckties and hats, on top of a dining table feeding each other. We’re like, ‘holy cow, what is this place?’” she told ESPN.

Sounds to us like a bit of a goldmine.

Whether there are any Pokemon lurking around the Village in Rio to distract the less sexually adventurous athletes has not yet been reported.

Images via The Sun and BBC.

Words by Martin Johnson.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on international sexcapades.

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