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In The Studio With Bricks & Wood: From South Central With Love

Bricks & Wood is the brand every lover of cozy lifestyle wear should know. Founded by Kacey Lynch in 2014, the brand is rooted in South Central Los Angeles. Seen on the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Anderson. Paak, the allure for the products offered is genuine. From beanies, terry cloth bucket hats, and robes, the essence of comfort is emphasized in each piece authentically. We stopped by Lynch’s studio in South LA to check out some upcoming projects and talk with the founder himself about the brands beginnings and ascension thus far.

What is B&W for those who may be unfamiliar?

Bricks & Wood at the moment is just another streetwear brand. What I am building for the company is meant to be something much bigger than apparel.

What were the immediate inspirations behind B&W?

Me, myself, I & my dad. It may sound cliche or maybe stubborn but I didn’t draw much inspiration from outside sources for Bricks & Wood during the come up. The main reason I started Bricks & Wood & decided to go with that particular name is because I wanted birth something natural & something that nobody could take from me because it truly defined & showcased my creativity & lifestyle through apparel & storytelling.

Talk about growing up in South Central, and how it influenced your creative process.

Growing up here I didn’t know how inspired I actually was until I got older & started using my stories as what the industry would call marketing. After seeing the responses from my campaigns & look books, that’s when I truly knew what I was inspired by within South Central & that was purely the everyday stories & walks of life within this community.

Most brands think of going with tees and apparel, yet you chose headwear/beanieswhy?

The reason I started out with headwear & accessories was because I knew where the game was at & where it was headed during my time of transitions from another brand idea I had to now Bricks & Wood. Pretty much, I wanted to give people something that caught the attention other than a standard T-shirt like most streetwear brands. I wanted you to have something a bit more essential rather than another tee to maybe wear once & keep it pushing. So me coming more accessorized was my way to standout in the beginning stages of the company.

Describe the feeling from going to seemingly unknown to being featured on Tyler, the Creator in GQ and beyond. What was that like?

The GQ feature I still haven’t come to wraps with it all strictly because when you hit a platform like that & get such a buzziest that rapidly it’s hard to sit & just appreciate the moment because now the demand is high within that moment & you gotta fulfill the needs of the consumer which is just get them their orders as fast as you can, haha. So when I look back on it it’s really surreal & I am forever grateful to say the least but that shit changed my life forever & has helped me take care of myself so it’s so much deeper than just press or promo. That shit really changed my life.

What lessons have you learned on your journey that are valuable for anyone looking to start a brand?

The lessons I have learned on this journey is to listen to your heart & be sure to do what YOU want to do. This industry is so fast, you can be here today & gone tomorrow literally so I think it’s best that you make sure you enjoy the process. Yes run a business, do the technical stuff that needs to be done in order to make money & be professional but make sure you find moments to nourish yourself & find those moments that got you here in the first place. Which I would hope was you enjoying what you who &  creating out of passion rather than creating for clout.

Explain the #SupportYourHomies movement. What are some other brands that may not be as known as B&W but are about the same message?

Support Your Homies wasn’t meant to be a movement honestly. I truly love & am a big fan of my friend’s work. I can’t say that enough. It could come off as being bias but I think we make some of the hardest shit out there regardless if people know of it or not. I genuinely wanted people to know that if you fucked with me then you gotta fuck with these particular brands or projects because this is my inner circle of people I love outside of their creativity. But after I saw the response of Bricks & Wood & sort of saw the attention I had on me I decided to use my platform to see if it was genuine people rocking with my ideas & or suggestions. So when I started hash tagging Support The Homies, that’s when I knew I had true audience & people genuinely liked not only what I was doing but they genuinely enjoyed my taste as well that didn’t necessarily have to be work of my own. A few of those brands who genuinely gravitated to the message are clearly first & foremost URLA, my good friend Cody is the person who took the idea & wanted to make it into an apparel piece. That was never a thought of mine which is how the T-shirt came to life Little Africa, Infantry, Morrow, Couver, ETC Tacoma, Can’t Buy Respect, Circulate, Open Daily, H33M, just to name a few.

At the end of it all, what do you want B&W to be remembered for?

In the end, I want Bricks & Wood to be know as a community outlet/umbrella. I genuinely want the apparel to be categorized as merchandise for a “company” not necessarily a clothing brand when it’s all said & done. My aspirations are so much larger than fashion that I’d be a fool to limit myself. I use so much of my actual life within the companies presentation & message that I’d literally disrespect South Central if I only made apparel & resold it to the community. We need so much more help than another t-shirt on the streets. I have to tap in properly & contribute to some of the behind the scenes work that helps make the community greater each & everyday. So in the meantime, my platform is currently being used to build an audience & then ultimately make investments that are for my people & communities all over the world.

What can we look forward to from B&W coming soon?

If you made it this far in the interview then you may have become interested in the company & I’ll leave that up to you to follow us & find out on your own. I will say this at least…you don’t want to miss out.

Stay tuned to Milk for more brands we love.

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