Throw out your slips and dig up your old colored tights—we're goin' shopping!



Indulge In these 5 Incredible Styling Ideas from the Gucci Show

Thanks to Gucci’s recently appointed creative director Alessandro Michele, the Italian label is now firmly planted on the radars of every fashion publication imaginable, and has grown into a colorful and quirky cesspool of fashion editor bait. All of Michele’s collections are crawling with intensely marketable offerings, and Fall/Winter ’16 was no different. Leading the Milan Fashion Week brigade, Gucci provided attires for every ilk of cool you could imagine—from the sleepyhead and literary-minded cool, to Petra Collins (literally) and the casually elegant and beslippered cool. And in doing so, delivered some top-notch styling ideas.

Wear colored tights.

For a while it appeared that fashion was taking the side of young, stubbornly disobedient daughters everywhere. Tights and stockings were suddenly superfluous—an antiquated gesture from days of yore. But alas, the pendulum has swung the other way and not only are tights apparently back, but they’re back in bright and opaque, impossible-to-ignore colors. Or at least that’s what Alessandro Michele seemed to be suggesting with the red, blue, yellow, green, pink, and brown tights that fluttered down his runway today.

No slip? No problem.

At the first sight of panties, the message was heard loud and clear. There was a long and flowing, sheer turquoise dress worn slip-less, and another long dress, made of nude tulle with large floral embroidery worn slip-less as well. And given the amount of slips you’ve probably lost in your lifetime, I imagine it’s a style tip that many will be happy to put into practice.


Take a dip in your grandmother’s jewelry. 

Something else Michele recommends? Taking a grandmother’s jewelry box—really any grandma will do—and diving head first into it, fully clothed. Emerge from said jewelry box and, before even looking in the mirror, march out of the house and start your day. (Ideally when you come up for air, your thumbs will be copiously ringed and oodles of mismatched dangling earring will have caught onto your clothes.) For that is the only plausible method he could’ve employed to adorn his models and his clothes in jewels, pearls, and dangling crystals like a human earring rack.

Girl with a pearl everything… #GucciGhost #JuliaNobis #🇮🇹🅰

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Bedazzle the living bejesus out of a baseball cap.

And I use the word “your” loosely. The baseball cap will ideally be the one Britney Spears reaches for when she steps out for her morning frap, but really it could be anyone’s. What’s important is that you bedazzle it like a 12-year-old high on Pop Rocks, and that you at aim for something resembling an owl.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.51.46 PM
See: owl.

Wear a veil over your sunglasses.

For his Fall/Winter ’16 collection, Michele introduced beret-veil hybrids, and styled them on scores of girls over commanding sunglasses. The look recalled those hung over mornings when you simply can’t risk being recognized on the street, and can’t settle for anything less than oversized sunglasses—only taken up a notch. With a veil worn over large, face-eating sunglasses, you’ll not only be unrecognizable, but you’ll be nearly blind too. And temporary blindness is infinitely comforting for anyone under the grip of social anxiety.

GIF art by Kathryn Chadason.

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