Instagram Accounts That Deserve Your Follow

Instagram is a magical place, filled with celebrities, memes that are sometimes actually funny, and the occasional accidental nude — looking at you Marc Jacobs — or purposeful nude, i.e. #freethenipple. It’s also an amazing way to kill 15 minutes when you’re awkwardly waiting to meet someone. And while everyone knows about dope Instagram accounts like @badgalriri or @officialseanpenn, there are so many more just waiting to entertain you. We’ve rounded up some accounts that are definitely worthy of your follow.


A personal favorite, Newports of Brooklyn documents empty packages of the cigarette trashed around the borough. It’s so Brooklyn it hurts, but it’s also strangely beautiful, and leads to some deep questions. Who abandoned these cigarettes? Who littered? Who’s smoking them, people who actually enjoy them, or millenials who are smoking menthols ironically? We shall never know.

#newports #alivewithpleasure #brooklyn

A photo posted by 🚬 (@newports_of_brooklyn) on


Is it sick to get weird satisfaction from beautiful things being destroyed just a little bit? Whatever: we’re very, very satisfied. Badly Drawn Models is a good way to giggle at beautiful people. They should occasionally get to look silly like the rest of us!

Estella Boersma – @estellaboersma

A photo posted by badly drawn models (@badlydrawnmodels) on


After getting sick of gross dudes on Tinder sending her questionable pick up-lines, artist Anna Gressler decided to get some revenge. Now, when a dude gets nasty, she draws the guy nude and sends it back to him. The account really shows how depraved dudes are; they all ask for a lot of very specific sex acts, very quickly into a Tinder conversation. The posts are pretty infrequent, but we promise it’s worth it.


Love him or hate him, it’s always an event when Kanye West does something. This Instagram catalogues every little thing Kanye does, from eating ice cream to being sad. It’s almost like being friends with him, minus the private pick-up games at Staples Center or giving North a piggyback ride.

Kanye holding a dog very seriously

A photo posted by Kanye Doing Things (@kanyedoingthings) on


We love an an account with a mission that’s right in the handle. There’s no way to go wrong with pics of cats in piles of cash! They’re our two favorite things! Cash Cats could even be an excellent strip club name; if you think about it, it works for a regular strip club, or one that caters to actual cats! Also check out @catsinbread if you’re feeling more carbohydrate-inclined.

big pimpin #cashcats #squadgoals @rbranski

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on


In times of crisis, a text from an existentialist is way more cathartic than a text from your ex. It’s all about the big questions in this Instagram account — but also, will he text me back? :(

OMG, I HATE when that happens! w/ #sedmikrasky aka #Daisies.

A photo posted by Texts From Your Existentialist (@textsfromyourexistentialist) on

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